Museum Studies Program {College of Liberal & Creative Arts}

Image: Photos of Sutro Egyptian Collection holdings and program students

2014 Graduates


Leane Margaret Bradley

Setting a Standard: The Care of Education Collections

Anna Eve Wohlefeiler Bunting

Collecting New Media: Care and Management of Conceptual, Ephemeral and Virtual Artwork

Alison Elizabeth Burnett

The Changing Face of Museum Audiences

Michelle Klein Camacho

Millennials in Museums

Justin Cleveland

Powerful Narrations: Incorporating Oral History Into the Museum Model

Ashleigh Laurel Elisabeth Crocker

Finding a New Home: Collection Moves in University Museums

Barrett M. Dahl

The Museum and the Cultural Community: Collaboration through Cultural Festivals

Kate Elizabeth Dollarhyde

Museum Collections Online

Karlie Alicia Drutz

Recession Reactions: The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Museum Fundraising Departments; Department Honoree, 2014 Distinguished Graduate Student Award

Lauren Renee Faulkner

An Environment for Connection: Making Meaning Through Elements of Exhibition Design

Stephanie Fong

Behind the Glass: Collections Management Issues in Visible Museum Laboratories

Jennifer Hunt

Reflective Practice: A Survey of Exhibition Development Process and Assessment Use

Monika Lea Jones

Reuniting Science and Art Through Museum Exhibitions

Sara Jones

Best Practices for Access to Digital Collections Data

Elissa Donovan Kerrigan

Anoxic Environments: For the Storage and Display of Organic Materials

Meghan K. Kroning

Visitor Services Management in California Museums

Kristen Marie Leffelman

Preserving the Presidency: Collections Management and Use in America’s Presidential Libraries

Julie Michele Masterson

Fundraising in Historic House Museums: Strategies for Sustainability

Andrea Mode

Engaging Multiple Audiences through Exhibitions in University Art Museums and Galleries

Elizabeth Post Musgrove

Filling the Gap: Art Museums and Public School Art Education

Emily Claire Winslow

Artist-in-Residence Programs: From Reflection to Engagement

Jadeen Young

Making Collections Public: Visible Storage 2.0


Portfolios available in department office by appointment only; non-circulating

Brianne Marie Newell

Defenders of the Gate: A Soldier’s Story, curated in partnership with the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and exhibited at the San Francisco History Expo inside the historic San Francisco Mint Building, March 1-2, 2014

Maria Esmeralda Renteria

What is Printmaking? ¿Qué es el grabado?: An Interactive Exhibition, on display at the Mexican Museum, April 6-August 17, 2014

Dana Claire Smith

A Walk Through Time, Daly City History Museum Timeline Exhibit, at the Daly City History Museum

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